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Client Confidential Information

In Case of Emergency, please notify:

All reserved appointments require prepayment. Payment is due before services will be rendered.


Cancellation Policy: All one-on-one sessions are by appointment only, and require a 24-hour in-advance cancellation notice to Denise Shaw or you will be charged the full amount for that session. I This policy is in effect for all appointments.

Non-Transferable and Non-Refundable Policy: Classes and sessions are nontransferable and non-refundable. Expirations for sessions are 120 days from purchase date. No exceptions and no rollovers.


By signing, I agree to follow and comply with Personal Evolutions Pilates studio policies as stated above.

Release of Liability 



In consideration of my being permitted by Denise Shaw to utilize facilities and/or

participate in any program offered by Denise Shaw, I agree to the following waiver and release and I make the following representations:



those risks include, but are not limited to falls or contact with walls and equipment, sprains, muscle injuries, and freakish accidents that cannot be foreseen. I acknowledge that the above list is not inclusive of all possible risks associated with the use of the equipment, and I agree that said list in no way limits the extent or release of this release. I VOLUNTARILY ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE AND APPRECIATION OF THE RISK INVOLVED.


I voluntarily agree to assume all risk of personal injury that may occur while I am at the studio or participating in any event or program anywhere at any time, whether I am under supervision of Denise Shaw. I hereby knowingly and intentionally waive and release, and agree to indemnify hold harmless and defend Denise Shaw, its successors, assigns, officers and employees and agents from all liability for any damage, injury, paralysis or death with may result. This release shall be effective even though said loss, damage or injury results or has resulted from the negligence, wrongful acts, omissions, breach of warranty or strict tort liability of Denise Shaw or the other parties released.


I am in good health and have no physical limitation that would affect my use of the studio. I agree to pay attention to the state of any equipment I may use, and to advise staff members if I do any damage or notice damage.


Denise Shaw shall not be responsible or liable for any articles lost, stolen or damaged. I am at least 18 years of age and otherwise legally competent to sign this agreement. This release shall be effective and binding upon me and upon my assigns, heirs representatives, executors and administrators. I understand that this release is a contact.


I expressly state that I have read, understand and am familiar with all provisions and that I sign it of my own free will.

Thank you for submitting!

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