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The Whole-Hearted Approach To Successful Living 

We are never simply standing still. We are, each of us, constantly evolving; we are either growing or we are withering. The key to a successful life is to evolve and to grow with grace, with gratitude, with strength, and with purpose. 

EVOLVE Health & Wellness Coaching instills in you the skills you need to fulfill the life goals you set for yourself. If you’ve ever promised yourself to make meaningful progress in any of the following areas, EVOLVE is the program for you:

  • Making time for physical fitness – gaining strength, increasing flexibility, and improving balance

  • Preparing healthy, delicious and well-balanced meals

  • Living more mindfully in a body that feels energized

  • Reducing stress

  • Improving the quality of your sleep

  • Discovering ways to cultivate joy and happiness 

  • Awakening your Spirit and forming meaningful connections with others​

EVOLVE Group Coaching provides the exceptional opportunity to embark on a life-enriching journey with a group of growth-minded women, each of whom shares the common goals of achieving improved wellness and personal evolution.  With EVOLVE, you’ll live more intentionally, aligning your action plan with your personal goals to achieve the quality of life you want and deserve.


EVOLVE Group Coaching provides you with the knowledge, guidance, and support of a Board-certified Health and Wellness Coach – PRW founder, Denise Shaw. Under Denise’s direction, you’ll experience the benefits of participating in robust group meetings while enjoying the collective fellowship, encouragement, accountability and shared goals of a dedicated group of women. 


The Benefits of Joining EVOLVE: Immense & Immeasurable

  • Achieving clarity on the quality of life you want for yourself by answering specific questions and articulating a detailed, personalized Well Life Vision.

  • Establishing a personal road map with individual short- and long-term goal-setting broken down into manageable pieces to support your pathway to success.

  • Group sharing and connecting to build friendship, garner support, and better tools for meeting your goals.


  • Recipe sharing and suggestions to expand your repertoire of nutritious, ready-made meals to enjoy throughout the week.


  • Celebrating accomplishments – no matter how big or small!


  • Idea sharing to help you develop new strategies to meet whatever challenges you are facing.


This is a holistic approach to wellness, designed to bring mind, body, and spirit into alignment. 

In addition to wellness and self-care accountability,   bi-weekly meeting topics, based on interest, will include:

  • Strategies for making YOUR health and happiness a priority

  • The Science of Behavior Change

  • Emotional Eating 

  • Physical Wellbeing & Finding movement you enjoy

  • Wearable technology and wellness apps (pros/cons)

  • Cultivating Joy

  • Stress Resiliency

  • Strategies for self-care when dealing with aging parents

  • Setting Boundaries

  • Restful Sleep

  • Meditation/Mindfulness

  • Making time for play/exploring hobbies

  • Consequences of Social Media and Mindset - FOMO, Compare and Despair…

  • Procrastination

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